Special Purpose Visa – What You Need to Know

Everybody has a general idea of what a visa is, but don’t understand it that much. What they do know is that to travel to another country, a visa is needed. There are other countries that only need a passport to gain entry. It all depends on the diplomatic relations that both countries have. You should find out whether or not the country you wish to visit requires a visa to gain entry.

There are different types of visas to apply for, and it depends on the country as well on the types of visas they offer. Migration Australia can provide you with expert advice on Family Migration process. In Australia, they have this Special Purpose visa offered; this is a temporary one provided to people that carries a prescribed status or that they are declared in holding such a visa by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection to gain entry and stay in the country.

What the visa lets you do

This particular visa gives you permission to work normally while you are staying in Australia. It stops when you the conditions of the prescribed visa are met, or the visa itself gets canceled.

Who can acquire this visa

It may seem like anyone can apply for this visa, but there are special conditions to it. It is only granted to the individual when they enter the country if the individual is one or more of the following:

  • The Australian Government’s official guest or a spouse of the former, dependent child or de facto partner
  • An immediate member of the Queen of the Royal Family or its media representative, personal staff or an individual that is accompanying them as a part of the official party.
  • Member of the civilian or military component of the country’s armed forces that carries the Status of Forced Agreement with Australia. It can also be an accompanying spouse, dependent relative or de facto partner
  • A member of the Commonwealth country’s armed forces that is traveling to Australia or is already in Australia which is already included in your list of duty. A dependent relative, de facto partner or accompanying spouse can also avail of this visa
  • A member of the airline crew
  • A member of the airline positioning team
  • An individual wherein its responsibility is a complement of the ship coming from the regular foreign government’s armed forces and is already on board of the said ship

There is no charge when you apply for this visa.

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