How to Recycle Old T-Shirts the Creative Way

Most people naturally want to try something new, especially with their clothes. Some keep clothes that are enough to wear for as long as it is still wearable. However, later on, they will realize that clothes don’t always last forever, including T-shirts! Have you ever had a T-shirt for so many years you’ve noticed that it has gone too thin and you can almost see through it? You don’t have to get rid of your old T-shirts. In fact, you will be surprised with the other ways that you can make use of them! Here are some ideas that will help you convert all your old T-shirts into something amazing!

Designer Tee

Braided Bracelets

Wearing bracelets can add a finishing touch to what you wear. But have you ever thought about old T-shirts turned into bracelets? This is very simple. In fact, you can find a lot of tutorials online. The basic steps are very easy – you only need to slice the cloth into strips and then make braids out of them. If you have other braiding techniques that will look good once finished, you should also try them out, too. You can even get the plain bangles and wrap the t-shirts all around it.


Tote Bags

If you love the idea of saving the environment, you can get rid of the paper and plastic bags and go for tote bags. But you can do it your way – personalized tote bags. You can create your tote bag from your old tees and design t-shirts  the way you want them. If you want something to print on it, find a printing company to help you print your design on it.


Cute skit for kids

If you have T-shirts you find you can no longer find any use, might as well transform them into a treasure for the little kids! Rather than throwing them away, turn your old T-shirts into skirts for the little girls. You can also even turn them into promotional T-shirts at events that kids love to wear.


Plump Pillow

Are you fond of collecting pillows of all sizes? Rather than buy new ones, why not convert your old T-shirts and transform them into plump pillows? You will love its outcome since the cloth of the T-shirt is very smooth and comfortable to the touch, and also they are made to be comfortable to the skin.

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