Every Little Tips You Must Do When Planning Your Country Garden Marquee Wedding Blowout

We can never deny that a Garden party will always be the best among the rest of venues with most occasions. There’s the charisma and unexplainable ambience that will allure everybody most especially when you have your wedding party with it. Now, you will be able to know the innovated Garden party theme, and that is the so called Country Garden Marquee. This will be not your ordinary marquee that is just made for the sake of it, let’s try another twist that will add the romance. Have fun with vending machines perth!

Make the outdoor venue touched with a more personal theme, if you are to create a country garden marquee for your wedding, you could certainly use three different options of venue for you to have your marquee on it, one, a country barn that is filled with fairy lights wrapping the beams, a marquee that are having the hay bales serves as seats, on an English type of manor house yet you will have your marquee outdoors in the gardens where you will be able to set your garden games for a whole lot of fun.

Give that country garden marquee a festival like, camping fun twists that will make everybody relax and have the time of their lives most especially the couple with the sound of the live music. A country garden marquee will be a bit of emphasized if you are to put some pastel shades to perfect everything. You can us pastel colors from the very dress of the pretty bride’s maid down to the details of the table and decors. Since this is a country garden theme, the best accent you can give are floral pastel flavors.

To suggest you with the floral prints, you may use the daisies, pansies, and the roses that are colored with either lavender, pink, lemon, or turquoise and that would really match the jolly and pretty ambience of the garden. With these types of details, you must balance the accessories and the shoes of the girls with just a nude color; just add up some flower headbands for them to suit every detail.

With all the smaller details, you could still emphasize that country garden motif inside your marquee and that is through having bouquets filled with hand -picked fresh flowers, display some jams inside the jars with some mini eggs, as well as to lay some lavender sprig with the table napkins. That would give the extreme country garden spirit inside the marquee.

Last but not the least, match the bride with your country garden inspired marquee through making her as the Boho bride. This would require the bride to wear short or just a tea length dress for wedding, it would also be best for you to let her wear the colored underskirt that will match her shoes. To spice her all up, have her hair with fresh garden flowers detailed with pearls for a perfect!

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